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Sheldon East Fine Jewellery creates custom jewellery that holds an emotional meaning, much more than an everyday adornment. Our astonishing one-of-a-kind designs become a part of your life by reflecting your characteristics & lifestyle. Sheldon East owner Sheldon East is an expert jeweller who works passionately to create distinctive fine jewelry for each customer individually.

For a private consultation to begin the design of your custom piece please contact us any time!
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  • "I proposed to Kate with her Nanny's wedding ring after having it re-sized. We shopped around looking for a wedding band and couldn't find a fit. No shop had what we were looking for. I was told to speak to Sheldon about a custom set. We brought Kate's Nanny's, Grandmothers & Mother's rings to Sheldon to see if he could use the diamonds for a custom set. This meant a lot to Kate using 3 generations of stones. Sheldon had beautiful drawings back to Kate & I in a few weeks and he was bang on! I picked up the rings this weekend and slipped the new one on tonight. Kate had a happy dance and was in tears. It's beautiful Sheldon! You are an amazing artist, we thank you for taking our idea and bringing it to life! We highly recommend you giving Sheldon East a call!! Ask for Sheldon, he'll take good care of you!"

    Ryan and Katie Markham

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